Ron Brough
CEO & Lead Educator:
Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach


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Ron Brough, CNC,MNLP, MTLT, TCHt - is the Founder and Lead Educator of Quantum Dimensions Empowerment Inc. Ron is an award-winning adult educator who specializes in personal and community health, with special interests in Personal and Business Development, Fitness, Mind-Body Connection, and Relationships.


Ron's personal mission is to help people transform their lives from "average" to magnificent by helping them access and utilize powerful personal empowerment tools so every man, woman and child can live vibrantly happy lives -- on their own terms. His commitment to client centered care led to the creation of Quantum Dimensions Empowerment Inc. becoming an Internationally Board Accredited Training Institute in Hypnotherapy with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.


Ron's diverse background has enabled him to be well versed in various aspects of business and health. From Professional Tax Preparer to a Corporate Controller Ron has an uncanny ability to understand business and health from a truly unique perspective that almost magically connects the dots of personal health and catapults his clients into rapid and empowering transformation.

  • CNC - Certified Nutritional Coach
  • MNLP - Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • MTLT - Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner
  • TCHt - Trainer of Hypnosis